I had the honor to direct the branding project with my colleague and friend Mauro Zinni. I want to say thanks to all those who made this wonderful work possible!

Fox Comedy is an Italian entertainment tv channel dedicated to comedy and sitcoms such as New Girl, Glee, The Office, Friends, How I met your mother, Scrubs, and Less than perfect. To express comedy we created a set of emojis based on the letters «CO» and the trademark smile. This gave us a tool to express different emotions and have a dialogue with the viewers.
Let’s enjoy the reel! Full credits below.

All rights reserved by FOX International Channels Italy
Roma - © Copyright 2015
Music: "Moonshine" from the soundtrack of "The Grand Hotel Budapest" by Alexandre Desplat, used only for this reel and with no commercial purposes.

Fox Channels Italy
Creative Direction: Mauro Zinni & Juan Pablo Kessler

Executive Producer: Inés Palmas
Art Director: Pablo Alfieri, Federico Kanno.
Animatic: Sergio Slepczuk
Design: Federico Kanno, Macs Riedel & Pablo Alfieri
3D Modelling: Federico Kanno & Pablo Alfieri
Animation: Macs Riedel & Hernán Estévez
Rendering & Lighting: Fede Kanno
Lead Compositing: Matias Mastrogiano
Compositing: Matias Mastrogiano, Ignacio Arevalo, Benjamín Jagusieczko & Nicolás Holodovsky
Montage & Edition: Macs Riedel & Pablo Alfieri
Live Action Shooting: Motion Group
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