Hello there, and welcome to my creative corner! I'm Juan Pablo Kessler, a Creative Director with a deep love for the world of design, branding and storytelling. I'm delighted to share a bit about myself with you.

My journey in the world of creativity has been a thrilling ride, spanning over 20 years. I've had the privilege of working with some incredible brands and teams, and each project has been a unique adventure. What fuels my passion is the ability to transform brands into captivating stories, leaving a lasting impact.

One of the aspects I cherish most is my ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds. Being fluent in Spanish, Italian, and English has opened doors to global experiences, allowing me to craft designs & stories that resonate across borders. I truly believe that design has the power to bridge cultures and create meaningful connections.

I'm a tech enthusiast, always on the lookout for fresh, innovative ways to tackle creative challenges. But what drives me is not just the "wow" factor; it's about infusing heart and soul into our work, making it relatable and authentic.

Throughout my career, I've been fortunate to collaborate with outstanding teams and partners. I firmly believe that the best ideas come to life through collaboration. Together, we've achieved remarkable results and shared some unforgettable moments.

While awards are a pleasant surprise and validation of our hard work, what truly brings me joy is when our designs touch the hearts of people. It's those moments of connection and impact that keep me inspired.

In the ever-evolving world of design, staying curious is key. I'm always eager to explore new trends and technologies, ensuring that our creative compass is pointed in the right direction.

I'm someone who genuinely believes in the power of creativity to tell captivating stories that leave a mark on the culture. So, whether you're a fellow creative enthusiast, brand owner, or just someone who loves a good chat, I'd be thrilled to connect with you. 

I look forward to getting to know you better!
Honors and awards​​​​​​​

Art Direction
Creative Direction
Brand Identity
Brand Development
Animation Direction
Motion Graphics
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